Interested in starting a comprehensive counseling program for dementia care partners and people living with dementia?

I would be privileged to come share my experience establishing the Memory Counseling Program at Wake Forest Baptist Health, one of the largest programs of its kind in the world providing mental health support and resources for those with Alzheimer’s disease or one of the other types of dementia and their family care partners.  Depending on the scope of counseling services you wish to provide, a consulting visit to your organization, medical center, or community could take anywhere from a half day to two days, and include some or all of the following topics related to your setting:

  • Demographics of people living with dementia in your service area
  • Available medical and mental health care and ancillary resources in your service area
  • Articulating your vision for and the mission of the counseling program you wish to establish
  • Services to be offered and staffing needs
  • Space and facility needs
  • Mechanisms for referrals
  • Intake process assessment instruments
  • Meeting the mental needs of individuals, couples, and families on the dementia journey
  • Establishing sustainable support groups
  • Budgetary considerations including billing, coding, and documentation
  • The role of philanthropy in establishing and sustaining your support group program

If you are interested in a consultation, or just want more information, please contact me using the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll talk!

Providing empathy-empowered education and training for dementia care partners and healthcare professionals.

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